`mpgfe' is a ncurses front-end to mpg123 (or mpg321) with mouse support (thru gpm), advanced playlist editing features (load/save/add playlists in m3u format, order/shuffle playlist, move/add/delete playlist entries), resizing support.
  An interesting feature is the ability to display the lyrics of the song that is playing (provided that you added the name of the lyrics file after the song file - in the playlist; you can do that from the program and save your new playlist).
  Song information is being displayed while playing, in a customizable format (edit the "~/.mpgferc" file).
  Volume control is available (both channels at a time) and also movement.
  You can display the length of every song and total playing time.
  The super user may run the player ("mpg123" or another program, at your choice) with real-time priority (playing will not be interrupted by disk access).
  ...and the most important feature - the 24 hours clock that you just can't live without :-).

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